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Learn the secret to winning at Forex

Admin Oct 23,2018

Learn the secret to winning at Forex

There have been many people who are in some doubt to win in Forex, one of the biggest secrets to do so will be revealed in this article, because is constantly looking for not succumbing to malicious processes that can leave us bankrupt because we don’t know effective and optimally handle us in the market, which can be voracious goal of those who want to leave us with nothing.

Given the above, we can not say that everything’s a matter that we have been part of the malicious tricks a few abusers, but in ourselves the answer we seek is.

The revelation of this secret is that many are implementing action and is about SIMPLICITY.

That’s right, this is the answer that many have waited as one of the great secrets to win at Forex, why? Because if we simplify our processes to operate on the market, improving the results exponentially.

What should be done is to combine techniques that take you to more than one indicator, to achieve this should be thoughtful entries under a simple process of acquisition and application.

Technical indicators are ranging from:

  • Relative Strength Indicators
  • Trend Lines
  • Moving averages
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Fibonacci Levels
  • Training in classical graphics:
    • Triangles
    • Double floors
    • Double or ceilings

You must set columns, both good and bad that are directly related to the technical studies which support the Forex.

The long-term technical signals are much more reliable than short-term signals. Long term charts provide the benefit of perspective.

There’re many books that prove this fact as the father of this fact, John J. Murphy, he has dictated the parameters and made a book that’s considered one of the golden so much as Forex as trading.


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